Testimonial from Karin (38 y, married, 3 children): “I could hardly walk because of pain in my legs”.

During her last pregnancy, Karin got “tremendous pain” in her legs and could hardly walk. “The doctors suspected multiple sclerosis, but luckily this had not been confirmed.” Even after the pregnancy, her pain did not get better. “My boss tipped me off that food intolerances could also be related to my complaints and recommended that I contact Thilo Keller. I would never have thought that my leg pain could have anything to do with diet. And I have changed my diet before because I was overweight and gave up wheat – but the weight didn’t change at that time.”


Is this just a waste of money or does it actually make a difference?

“At first I was reluctant to spend the money, because I didn’t know if it would really help or if it was just a waste of money. Since the pain was so bad and I trusted my boss, I turned to Thilo Keller. On the one hand, I was surprised by my test results, how many things I tolerate well, and on the other hand, I was surprised that I react to certain things that I had previously considered to be good and healthy for me: I didn’t expect to react to beef, hazelnuts, spelt or soy. And the fact that all dairy products reacted so strongly was a bit of a shock to me.” In Karin’s family of five, the old foods were quickly consumed and so she was able to completely change her diet within a week.


“In the beginning I had strong side effects of the detox”.

“Within a few days after the change of diet, I started detoxing with severe side effects such as headaches and aching limbs like a severe flu. It lasted about 1.5 to 2 weeks and after that I felt better every day. Fortunately, I was prepared for this by the nutritional counselling and by my boss, who had also told me about it beforehand.”


“After 3 weeks, all the pain was gone and the kilos fell off without any feeling of hunger.”

“After 3 weeks, all the pain in my body was gone, including the leg pain which is why I started the whole thing. And my weight dropped very quickly – without any feeling of hunger! I didn’t know you could eat so much – I really ate a lot (of vegetables). Since I could eat as many vegetables as I wanted, the change was no problem for me. Just serving vegetables to my husband and kids, that didn’t work, so I cooked some extra for myself.”


“Mum, keep it up.”

“My family was very supportive and said, ‘Mum, keep it up’ and for me it was no problem that they ate something different than me. I work part-time and I pre-cooked my food for work at home and took it with me. Shopping was a real challenge at first because I had to look carefully at the ingredients of the food. But after shopping three times and studying labels, I knew what fit and shopping was as quick as before too.”


“I never felt like I was giving something up.”

Karin lost 9 kilos in the first month and a half of the diet change. But when she made an exception, she noticed it immediately: “When I ate a wheat roll, I had to go to the toilet immediately afterwards, it really went through, as if my body wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Sometimes my body also reacted with heartburn. Very rarely, I deliberately ate certain foods as an exception. This meant that the change in diet was not a struggle for me and I never had the feeling of abandonment. Cravings for sweets, fast food or my old eating habits have disappeared for me by giving my body the right things.”


“I have lost weight in the right places”.

“With the change in diet, not only did my aches and pains disappear, but my weight also went down. My trousers even started to slip down when I was running at one point. Today I am two dress sizes smaller. All in all, I have lost 20 kilos in 7 months, and in all the right places: I lost weight on my buttocks, stomach, legs and arms, but my breasts remained the same size (smile). My skin on my face, legs and décolleté has also improved significantly, much firmer and softer.”


“Thilo’s nutrition programme is worth every penny!”

“I was so scared when I had the pain during my last pregnancy and had heard different horror scenarios from the doctors, for example that I could have rheumatism or multiple sclerosis. The idea of being increasingly absent as a mother with three small children (13, 10 and 1.5 years old) and a serious chronic illness was terrifying for me. But the path can be so simple! I am so happy to have made the dietary change. I can only recommend it to everyone. Thilo’s nutrition programme is worth every penny!”


“There are so many great ways to change your diet.”

“Many people shy away from changing their diet because they don’t know how to cook alternatives. Yet there are now so many great ideas and recipes on the internet on how to replace all sorts of things. Thilo’s advice was also great, because every time I felt stuck, I got new motivation, feedback or valuable practical tips. It was great not to be left alone. This made me feel well supported again and again when things got difficult for me. In retrospect, I would say that the nutrition programme is worth much more than what it cost me. Especially the guidance and support I received in counselling – enormously valuable and enriching for my life.


Many thanks.”

Testimonial Angelika Sontheimer: diarrhoea, stomach cramps, insomnia, underweight

“I was desperate: Years of diarrhoea, stomach cramps and insomnia and virtually no healing results. My life was a daily struggle for survival.


I was pretty desperate before I came to Thilo Keller. I had been looking for cures for years, but got nowhere with the diarrhoea, stomach cramps and insomnia. At some point, the insomnia also affected my psyche – I lost the joy in life, I could no longer laugh and cried a lot. Extreme mood swings were my daily companions, I never knew how my day would turn out, I woke up in the morning in tears and often all I wanted to do was cry all day. My life was a daily struggle for survival and I was a physical wreck.

I didn’t know what to eat anymore and I didn’t understand my body.

My previous therapists wanted to treat me with antidepressants, but I didn’t want that. I didn’t know what to eat anymore and didn’t understand why my body sometimes reacted with diarrhoea and sometimes not. And then there were more and more intolerances and allergies. It started with hay fever and later I was diagnosed with fructose intolerance, allergies, lactose intolerance and histaminosis. This scared me even more and there wasn’t much left to eat afterwards.

The colonoscopy was negative, the doctors didn’t know what to do and said it was all psychological – I was just imagining things – and sent me to a psychologist.

I read a lot about histaminosis, bought appropriate cookbooks for cooking and baking without gluten, but still almost nothing worked and my body reacted to nearly everything with diarrhoea and/or stomach cramps. The first glimmer of hope for me was when I worked with Karin Haemmerle and through her I learned about Thilo Keller. Our first conversation was about sugar and starchy foods – this was my first learning experience – until then I had regularly eaten rice and potatoes as I tolerated them well. Now I knew how to handle rice and potatoes better.

What helped me a lot was the probiotic CALM. I had tried probiotics before but they didn’t help as much.

The counselling also gave me peace of mind, knowing that I was being guided by someone who knew how to do it. The probiotic helped me to tolerate lettuce and chicory again and to rebuild my diet bit by bit.

Another big step forward was testing for food intolerances, for example I didn’t know that mushrooms or turmeric and ginger just don’t suit me.

I kept trying that because it’ s said everywhere that it’ s so healthy, but I only dared to leave that out after the test had confirmed my physical feeling. Little by little, my body and my digestion became more stable.

I can sleep through the night again!

I started working with Thilo Keller on 23 April 2020. From 2 May 2020, I was already able to sleep through the night. I used to be afraid of the night and afraid of falling asleep. Today I find it wonderful to snuggle up in bed in the evening. On 7 May 2020, I wrote in my diary, “mild constipation, good bowel feeling.” For many years, that was something I couldn’t imagine ever feeling again.

I learned to cut out coffee.

What was very good was that I learned to leave out the coffee. In the meantime, I can be in the company of coffee drinkers and I don’t miss anything when I don’t drink coffee. That alone has been good for calming the bowels. I had a real coffee addiction – especially in social situations like the coffee break together at work.

After the body started to function better again, the counselling sessions also revolved around psychological issues and personality development.

After my body had calmed down further, our conversations revolved more around psychological issues and personality development. It started with working on my self-esteem and standing by myself, also with my new diet. “I’m worth feeling good about myself.” “I’m worth saying no to what doesn’t make me feel good.” “Without sweetness in life, life is not fun – Without cake in life, life is more fun.” Those were some of the sentences that got me thinking. Thilo Keller’s tip to waste less energy in conversations with justification was also very helpful for me. Bit by bit I regained my self-esteem and my confidence.


Being guided by the body – goal achieved!

At some point Thilo Keller also encouraged me again to try things out and experiment, to listen to my body and to let myself be guided by its feedback. Thilo Keller said that one goal of working together was for me to learn to listen to my body again and we definitely achieved that this year.

My weight was way too low and now it was slowly going up

In the beginning, one of my major issues was being underweight, my weight was going down worryingly before working with Thilo – this was on top of my anxiety and dwindling physical fitness. The weight loss stopped after a few weeks of working together and together with strength training that Thilo Keller had recommended to me, the weight slowly went up, it really went up after I worked on more issues.


When I think back a year, my development is unimaginable.

Going shopping used to be torture for me: you have to deal with food and spend time on it. When I went shopping yesterday, I had a feeling of wow, this is beautiful and I felt joy while shopping. When I think back a year, my development is unimaginable: from no joy, no laughter to an inner radiance and confidence. In our conversations, Thilo Keller always encouraged me to keep at it and keep going, and gave me many valuable tips on how to deal with my difficulties differently. I don’t think I could have walked this path alone – I would have lacked the emotional support, the knowledge about body and nutrition would not have been tailored to me and the accompaniment of my personal growth into a fulfilled life was just right.


Conclusion: I was on the verge of giving up and after almost 1 year of support with Thilo Keller I am living a fulfilled life.

I am deeply grateful to Thilo Keller. His empathetic, confident and understanding manner and also the many laughs in our conversations. Thilo never forced anything on me, he helped me to find and go my way.

I really tried out a lot of things beforehand, but nothing really stuck. There were too many individual pieces of the puzzle. Thilo helped me to find a path that made sense to me and to put all the pieces together. He accompanied me for 1 year and I think it went insanely fast, especially when I think about the fact that I had been very bad for 8-10 years before and nothing I tried helped: colonoscopy, blood tests, from doctor to alternative practitioner to alternative practitioner, to marriage counselling, to trauma therapy. “If only everyone had your good blood results…” is what I was told. But three times I was on the verge of taking antidepressants. Once I almost checked myself into the psychiatric hospital, I was about to give up. All the previous therapies have given me valuable knowledge, but Thilo Keller put it into a meaningful context for me, so that I could apply it and have an overall picture for myself.

A very big thank you to Thilo Keller.

Field report from Silke – Frequent heartburn, constant gastrointestinal problems, flatulence, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

“The colonoscopy didn’t show anything, the gastroscopy showed that my oesophagus was a bit affected. On my own initiative, I then cut out wheat. Since then, the oesophagus has improved, but everything else has remained and I was afraid that I had something worse. Overall, my quality of life was very limited due to the digestive problems.


The immune test result was a shock at first

My test result was terrible. I had to give up practically everything I had been eating every day: eggs, dairy products, wheat, spelt, rye, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, plus pineapple, banana and anything with yeast. At first I found the change of diet very difficult, I had no feeling of satiety and didn’t know what to eat. Nothing was easy!


The counselling was great and I quickly felt better.

Fortunately, the test came with counselling. I learned a lot about nutrition during the counselling period and we laughed a lot. The phone calls were always very good and helped me to change my diet. Fortunately, I also got better quickly: after ten days, my heartburn was gone and my stomach pains were much less. After 3-4 weeks, my gastrointestinal problems were mostly gone: no more bloated belly or flatulence, no more pain.


Small sins were punished immediately

Of course, I also had to try some of the foods that were not suitable from time to time, but unfortunately this went wrong: my body immediately reacted to eggs, camembert or bananas with stomach aches and diarrhoea. In the end, this helped me to stick to the recommendations. After several months of consistent nutrition, my intestinal mucosa improved and I was later able to tolerate meat again. I was very happy about this because my grandfather was a butcher and people in my family always liked to eat meat.


I would do the immune test again at any time!

I have already recommended Thilo Keller to my family and friends. I can only advise everyone to invest the money – it is worth it: I feel much better and I now know what I can tolerate and what I cannot. I would never have found out on my own where my complaints really come from.”



Field report by Brigitte: Diarrhoea and abdominal pain

  “Don’t dwell on the past, don’t dream about the future. Focus on the present moment.

Over time, Brigitte has learned to live in the moment. She is very active and enjoys life with her friends – be it on trips, in a restaurant or when she invites guests to her home. But her joy of life was severely clouded by sudden diarrhoea and stomach pains. She could not imagine enjoying a bus trip with these ailments.


“For me, the most difficult thing was to give up my almost daily spaghetti ice cream or not drink a latte macchiato.”


Friends recommend nutritional counselling with Thilo Keller to her. Her test result shows that she can’t tolerate dairy products and should also avoid yeast at all costs: “I was shocked because I liked to eat curd potatoes and yoghurt, just like cake and ice cream.” The practical tips from the counselling sessions helped her a lot: “For example, I didn’t know what to eat with the kids for their birthday, then the suggestion of Italian antipasti came in handy – it was a great fit! And when I go out I now drink a vodka-orange or vodka-tonic instead of beer (Hefe).”


“I know how well I am doing now, however, it does take a strong will to keep it up when in company.”

The change was difficult for Brigitte: “I never ate breakfast, hardly ate lunch and dinner was my main meal. Nevertheless, I have completely changed my eating habits.”  Her friends are considerate of her diet – “they’ve always eaten healthier than me and now I’ve adapted.” The effort has paid off: her abdominal pain and diarrhoea are 95% gone. In addition, the pain from her osteoarthritis has improved and she has lost 9kg, but that was never a priority.


“You just have to learn your tricks.”

With the new eating habits, travelling is of course a bit more difficult, but for her well-being Brigitte is willing to put in the extra effort and take crispbread from home. Now she eats a lot of breakfast, lunch is her main meal with carbohydrates and in the evening there is an all-vegetable meal: “Otherwise it ferments and the complaints come back. And I definitely don’t want that.”


Field report Thomas: Quincke’s oedema and nutrition

Thomas’ face swells overnight: His mouth, cheek and lip area are sometimes so thick that even drinking becomes difficult – “some of the liquid just runs out of his mouth again on the non-swollen side”. In November 2013, he is diagnosed with Quincke’s oedema. The swelling is caused by a sudden increase in the permeability of the walls of the blood vessels. “During the bad times, my face would swell every fortnight.”


Thick lip

At first, Thomas chooses the classic treatment path: “‘If you have a thick lip, just take cortisone,’ my doctor said.” With cortisone, the swelling goes down after four to six hours, but the cause doesn’t change. Thomas can’t pinpoint whether certain foods are the triggers. An allergy test (prick test) also does not produce a useful result. After two years of frequently swollen face, Thomas is ready to follow his wife’s recommendations and sees a doctor for traditional Chinese medicine.


The oedema migrates

Thanks to treatments with acupuncture and medicinal herbs, the symptoms begin to change. The oedema moves deeper into the body, to the arms and legs. The swelling no longer occurs as frequently. Now that the face is no longer affected, Thomas does not use cortisone when the swellings appear. He simply waits several hours to a day for the swellings to disappear on their own. “This has already been a great success for me, not least because the swelling in the face can also be life-threatening if breathing is affected.”


Food test – “It’s no good, is it?”

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is not yet satisfied with the success of the treatment so far after one year and recommends Thomas to take the food test with corresponding dietary changes. “On the internet I found some negative reports about IgG tests for food, so I was sceptical at first. But I trusted my doctor, who was already able to help me a lot with traditional Chinese medicine. I had also rejected Chinese medicine at first and went there only after considerable coaxing from my wife.”


The test result is a shock – March 2017

“When my test result came, it was a shock because almost every third food showed a reaction. I had suspected it with some foods, but they didn’t react. Instead, foods like cauliflower and peas reacted, which I never thought could affect me.” Thomas is lucky that he lives in Munich and that four organic supermarkets are just around the corner. It is also helpful that his wife supports him in the change of diet and cooks for him appropriately.



The craving for sweets disappears, the Quincke’s oedema too

“At the end of March 2017, I started to change my diet, and since May 2017 I have been completely free of symptoms and no longer have any wheals or swellings at all.” Even though the change in diet is not easy, it is worth it for Thomas to persevere. “I found the nutritional advice from Thilo good. It is important that you are not left alone with the test result, but are put on the right track and presented with alternatives.


I also found the practical tips on drinking water regularly or on acid-base balance very helpful.” Since the change in diet, his cravings for sweets have disappeared: “I used to always need something sweet in the afternoon: coffee and a packet of biscuits to go with it, but not any more.”


There are suitable alternatives and a pleasant side effect

Over time, Thomas realises that every food group has suitable alternatives for him and that he can eat without deficiency symptoms. “I am positively surprised that after four weeks I could say: it works. I am free of complaints and if I get hives today, I can clearly attribute it to food that is not suitable for me. A pleasant side effect of the change in diet is that I have lost weight – 13 kilograms in 8 months.”


Perseverance pays off

Thomas’ advice is: ” Make it through the first 3-4 weeks. The first time is the hardest. I was hungry at times and had a huge craving for sausage sandwiches and meat salad. The perseverance and the sometimes arduous search for alternatives are worth it. After about 4 weeks, the cravings and cravings get better.”

Field report by Rita: Underweight due to irritable bowel syndrome with frequent diarrhoea

Rita works as a doctor in a clinic in Gießen. For years she has suffered from diarrhoea and abdominal pain as well as flatulence, which have become much worse in recent weeks. So bad, in fact, that she has lost 5kg in weight and now, at 160cm tall, weighs just under 50kg and feels exhausted quite often as a result.

Most of the time, food has to be subordinated to the stressful daily routine in the clinic and with her family: a snack here and there when it suits the time, plus lots of coffee and cola. A colleague recommends Thilo Keller to her.

Despite reservations from colleagues, she decides to take the food test.
Most of Rita’s doctor colleagues advise her not to have the food test done – “it’s a waste of money and won’t do any good”. But Rita has already experienced that a lot of things are connected to nutrition. Therefore, and because of the recommendation of her colleague, she finally decided to take the test and change her diet.

Test result is a shock

Rita cannot describe the test result as anything other than a shock: she has to give up meat and wheat, which is a big sacrifice for her as a bread lover. “To make matters worse, my nutritionist also recommended that I cut down on coffee and cola as well as sweets as much as possible – my daily stress food.”

The first improvement

“Already after a few days I noticed the first improvements. The diarrhoea has disappeared and I feel less tired and listless. But finding alternatives that I can tolerate remains difficult.” Her flatulence persists for quite a while. Over the next few weeks, Rita’s condition continues to improve and she finds suitable foods. “After about four weeks, I had found enough alternatives that I liked and that made me feel full.”

Weight gain, healthier appearance

After about two months, Rita starts to look better. “I am less emaciated and my clothes fit better. I feel less ko and my inner feeling is more vital and stronger.” The diarrhoea has also completely disappeared, the bowel movements have normalised, the abdominal pain is gone and even the flatulence has decreased significantly and is now within a normal range. “Thanks to Thilo Keller, I have found a diet that suits me.”

My recommendation: get help sooner

“For anyone who is in a similar situation as me, I recommend getting help earlier and not being so critical, or listening to the warning voices. Try it out for yourself and your body will show you (as it did for me) what is true.

When my doctor colleagues told me that the results of the food test were all wrong, I just smiled tiredly. I felt much better than before and Thilo Keller could really help me. I also liked the counselling, because the whole time I had a person who was there for me for half a year and could describe what was going on in my body in a scientifically comprehensible way.”