Testimonial from Karin (38 y, married, 3 children): “I could hardly walk because of pain in my legs”.

During her last pregnancy, Karin got “tremendous pain” in her legs and could hardly walk. “The doctors suspected multiple sclerosis, but luckily this had not been confirmed.” Even after the pregnancy, her pain did not get better. “My boss tipped me off that food intolerances could also be related to my complaints and recommended that I contact Thilo Keller. I would never have thought that my leg pain could have anything to do with diet. And I have changed my diet before because I was overweight and gave up wheat – but the weight didn’t change at that time.”


Is this just a waste of money or does it actually make a difference?

“At first I was reluctant to spend the money, because I didn’t know if it would really help or if it was just a waste of money. Since the pain was so bad and I trusted my boss, I turned to Thilo Keller. On the one hand, I was surprised by my test results, how many things I tolerate well, and on the other hand, I was surprised that I react to certain things that I had previously considered to be good and healthy for me: I didn’t expect to react to beef, hazelnuts, spelt or soy. And the fact that all dairy products reacted so strongly was a bit of a shock to me.” In Karin’s family of five, the old foods were quickly consumed and so she was able to completely change her diet within a week.


“In the beginning I had strong side effects of the detox”.

“Within a few days after the change of diet, I started detoxing with severe side effects such as headaches and aching limbs like a severe flu. It lasted about 1.5 to 2 weeks and after that I felt better every day. Fortunately, I was prepared for this by the nutritional counselling and by my boss, who had also told me about it beforehand.”


“After 3 weeks, all the pain was gone and the kilos fell off without any feeling of hunger.”

“After 3 weeks, all the pain in my body was gone, including the leg pain which is why I started the whole thing. And my weight dropped very quickly – without any feeling of hunger! I didn’t know you could eat so much – I really ate a lot (of vegetables). Since I could eat as many vegetables as I wanted, the change was no problem for me. Just serving vegetables to my husband and kids, that didn’t work, so I cooked some extra for myself.”


“Mum, keep it up.”

“My family was very supportive and said, ‘Mum, keep it up’ and for me it was no problem that they ate something different than me. I work part-time and I pre-cooked my food for work at home and took it with me. Shopping was a real challenge at first because I had to look carefully at the ingredients of the food. But after shopping three times and studying labels, I knew what fit and shopping was as quick as before too.”


“I never felt like I was giving something up.”

Karin lost 9 kilos in the first month and a half of the diet change. But when she made an exception, she noticed it immediately: “When I ate a wheat roll, I had to go to the toilet immediately afterwards, it really went through, as if my body wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Sometimes my body also reacted with heartburn. Very rarely, I deliberately ate certain foods as an exception. This meant that the change in diet was not a struggle for me and I never had the feeling of abandonment. Cravings for sweets, fast food or my old eating habits have disappeared for me by giving my body the right things.”


“I have lost weight in the right places”.

“With the change in diet, not only did my aches and pains disappear, but my weight also went down. My trousers even started to slip down when I was running at one point. Today I am two dress sizes smaller. All in all, I have lost 20 kilos in 7 months, and in all the right places: I lost weight on my buttocks, stomach, legs and arms, but my breasts remained the same size (smile). My skin on my face, legs and décolleté has also improved significantly, much firmer and softer.”


“Thilo’s nutrition programme is worth every penny!”

“I was so scared when I had the pain during my last pregnancy and had heard different horror scenarios from the doctors, for example that I could have rheumatism or multiple sclerosis. The idea of being increasingly absent as a mother with three small children (13, 10 and 1.5 years old) and a serious chronic illness was terrifying for me. But the path can be so simple! I am so happy to have made the dietary change. I can only recommend it to everyone. Thilo’s nutrition programme is worth every penny!”


“There are so many great ways to change your diet.”

“Many people shy away from changing their diet because they don’t know how to cook alternatives. Yet there are now so many great ideas and recipes on the internet on how to replace all sorts of things. Thilo’s advice was also great, because every time I felt stuck, I got new motivation, feedback or valuable practical tips. It was great not to be left alone. This made me feel well supported again and again when things got difficult for me. In retrospect, I would say that the nutrition programme is worth much more than what it cost me. Especially the guidance and support I received in counselling – enormously valuable and enriching for my life.


Many thanks.”