Field report from Silke – Frequent heartburn, constant gastrointestinal problems, flatulence, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

“The colonoscopy didn’t show anything, the gastroscopy showed that my oesophagus was a bit affected. On my own initiative, I then cut out wheat. Since then, the oesophagus has improved, but everything else has remained and I was afraid that I had something worse. Overall, my quality of life was very limited due to the digestive problems.


The immune test result was a shock at first

My test result was terrible. I had to give up practically everything I had been eating every day: eggs, dairy products, wheat, spelt, rye, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, plus pineapple, banana and anything with yeast. At first I found the change of diet very difficult, I had no feeling of satiety and didn’t know what to eat. Nothing was easy!


The counselling was great and I quickly felt better.

Fortunately, the test came with counselling. I learned a lot about nutrition during the counselling period and we laughed a lot. The phone calls were always very good and helped me to change my diet. Fortunately, I also got better quickly: after ten days, my heartburn was gone and my stomach pains were much less. After 3-4 weeks, my gastrointestinal problems were mostly gone: no more bloated belly or flatulence, no more pain.


Small sins were punished immediately

Of course, I also had to try some of the foods that were not suitable from time to time, but unfortunately this went wrong: my body immediately reacted to eggs, camembert or bananas with stomach aches and diarrhoea. In the end, this helped me to stick to the recommendations. After several months of consistent nutrition, my intestinal mucosa improved and I was later able to tolerate meat again. I was very happy about this because my grandfather was a butcher and people in my family always liked to eat meat.


I would do the immune test again at any time!

I have already recommended Thilo Keller to my family and friends. I can only advise everyone to invest the money – it is worth it: I feel much better and I now know what I can tolerate and what I cannot. I would never have found out on my own where my complaints really come from.”