Field report by Rita: Underweight due to irritable bowel syndrome with frequent diarrhoea

Rita works as a doctor in a clinic in Gießen. For years she has suffered from diarrhoea and abdominal pain as well as flatulence, which have become much worse in recent weeks. So bad, in fact, that she has lost 5kg in weight and now, at 160cm tall, weighs just under 50kg and feels exhausted quite often as a result.

Most of the time, food has to be subordinated to the stressful daily routine in the clinic and with her family: a snack here and there when it suits the time, plus lots of coffee and cola. A colleague recommends Thilo Keller to her.

Despite reservations from colleagues, she decides to take the food test.
Most of Rita’s doctor colleagues advise her not to have the food test done – “it’s a waste of money and won’t do any good”. But Rita has already experienced that a lot of things are connected to nutrition. Therefore, and because of the recommendation of her colleague, she finally decided to take the test and change her diet.

Test result is a shock

Rita cannot describe the test result as anything other than a shock: she has to give up meat and wheat, which is a big sacrifice for her as a bread lover. “To make matters worse, my nutritionist also recommended that I cut down on coffee and cola as well as sweets as much as possible – my daily stress food.”

The first improvement

“Already after a few days I noticed the first improvements. The diarrhoea has disappeared and I feel less tired and listless. But finding alternatives that I can tolerate remains difficult.” Her flatulence persists for quite a while. Over the next few weeks, Rita’s condition continues to improve and she finds suitable foods. “After about four weeks, I had found enough alternatives that I liked and that made me feel full.”

Weight gain, healthier appearance

After about two months, Rita starts to look better. “I am less emaciated and my clothes fit better. I feel less ko and my inner feeling is more vital and stronger.” The diarrhoea has also completely disappeared, the bowel movements have normalised, the abdominal pain is gone and even the flatulence has decreased significantly and is now within a normal range. “Thanks to Thilo Keller, I have found a diet that suits me.”

My recommendation: get help sooner

“For anyone who is in a similar situation as me, I recommend getting help earlier and not being so critical, or listening to the warning voices. Try it out for yourself and your body will show you (as it did for me) what is true.

When my doctor colleagues told me that the results of the food test were all wrong, I just smiled tiredly. I felt much better than before and Thilo Keller could really help me. I also liked the counselling, because the whole time I had a person who was there for me for half a year and could describe what was going on in my body in a scientifically comprehensible way.”