DarmDetox – the intestinal cleansing

We offer GutDetox as an online group course with Live Zoom Sessions several times a year on the following dates.

Experience has shown us that a gut cleanse can be completed in an online group setting with better success and with less emotional strain.


  • Because during the fast you will be coached by us with your questions
  • Because you will get to know the other group members during three Live Zoom sessions
  • Because you will have the opportunity to find a detox buddy
  • Because in weak moments you will feel energy to keep going thanks to the group feeling
  • Because fasting and breaking the fast with like-minded people is a beautiful community experience.

Would you like to know more about gut cleansing and the different methods?

For centuries, people have known that a cleansed intestine is very important for good health. Many cultures have created rituals and remedies for bowel cleansing. Among both Catholics and Islam, it is customary to fast for a while, more or less, so that the intestinal system can rest and recover to some extent.

Nowadays, fasting has mainly a religious meaning, but if you look for the practical background, you can also see the health reasons. Oriental philosophies know many more remedies and purifying rituals for cleansing the intestines.

Also in ancient western medicine Hippocrates says ‘death has its seat in the intestines’.

Different bowel cleansing methods

In today’s Western naturopathy, there are many ways to cleanse the bowels, starting from colon hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation) to all kinds of supplements that cleanse the bowels in different ways.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Colon hydrotherapy only cleanses the colon (the last bit of the intestinal system), while the rest of the intestinal system remains dirty. Many of the products you swallow often contain abrasive ingredients, such as psyllium husks or bentonite, which can also irritate the intestinal wall.

The intestines can also be irritated by so-called oxygen-cleansing products, enzymes or strongly acidic agents such as lemon juice. Although they destroy the biofilm, they can also attack the rest of the intestinal structure if the dosage is too high. Gut Detox has two advantages:

The biofilm is not destroyed, but detached as a whole – as a result, harmful substances contained in the biofilm are only released to a very small extent and are hardly absorbed.

The intestinal mucosa is less irritated than with some other measures.

DarmDetox with Chlorella cleanses the intestines and helps to maintain normal intestinal function and increase the growth of beneficial intestinal flora.

Because DarmDetox with Chlorella is gut-cleansing, it is good for vitality and digestion.

In addition, DarmDetox with Chlorella has a positive effect on the function of the gall bladder, liver and kidneys. This cure also supports the liver and digestion, which has a positive effect on sugar and cholesterol levels.

All ingredients in the DarmDetox with Chlorella cure are of high quality and certified by “Good Manufacturing Practice”.