About Thilo

Thilo and his team offer up-to-date information and guidance and support people on their personal journey to a healthy mind in the best version of their body.

Since his youth, Thilo has been pursuing the question of what healthy nutrition means and how to holistically increase the well-being of people and groups.

After his studies in social and business communication and several years of professional experience in business and politics, Thilo began to devote more time to the topic of nutrition and well-being in 2007. He started teaching yoga and coaching people, 2009-2010 he ran a yoga retreat centre in Morocco and gave yoga and cooking classes. Since 2008 he has been working successfully as a nutritionist. Since 2011 he has been training in nutritional therapy. In 2020 he started his own brand of pro- and pre-biotics and online shop (www.my-probiotic-shop.com).

Thilo is a Systemic Coach, NeuroColor Consultant, Conscious-U Consultant, Culture Transformation Consultant, trained in Hypnotherapy as well as a certified Social Panorama Consultant and brings his broad consulting experience to his work.

In order to be able to support more people on their path to greater well-being and to expand his sphere of influence, Thilo Keller founded the Keep On Growing Gesellschaft (UG) together with Ludger Ramme in spring 2021.

Keep on Growing stands for sustainable personal growth and social responsibility in equal measure. To express this approach, 2% of the company’s profits are donated to socially oriented projects.