7 days for your reboot

BodyMind Reset


The detox programme for you at home

Next dates:
6-12 June 2021
26 September – 2 October 2021
21-27 November 2021


7-day detox programme

scientifically proven fasting method

An improved version of the ‘FastingMimickingDiet’.

Therapeutic fasting programme for rejuvenation & weight loss for improved well-being and sustainable health

Discover a modern version of therapeutic fasting for health promotion, increased longevity and a better attitude to life.

With the step-by-step guide, detailed menu plan and online community, multi-day fasting becomes easy and safe to do.

3 Live Zoom meetings for questions & answers guarantee you optimal preparation for your transformation journey.

You can easily integrate the fasting program into your everyday life or adapt it to your needs and current situation. In addition, there are mindfulness exercises and relaxation practices to support your self-healing and cleansing.



Thilo Keller, nutrition expert and health coach, is a great companion who will guide you safely through this fasting experience.


Thilo has been teaching nutritional therapy in Berlin for 10 years and worked for a long time as a consultant for a laboratory and nutritional centre for immune diagnostics and nutritional therapy before setting up his own business as a nutrition and health coach. He used his experience as a certified gut, brain and microbiome expert to develop his own pre- and probiotics. In addition, he works as a yoga teacher and always offers his own retreats.


Fasting mobilises visceral fat as a source of energy. This is where most of the toxins in your body are stored. Our protocol ensures that the toxins released are eliminated rather than absorbed.

Stem cell activation

Research has shown that fasting dramatically improves the ability of stem cells to regenerate. Fasting is a fountain of youth, so to speak, that reverses immunosuppression and autoimmunity.


Activate your body’s recycling mechanism to get rid of old, damaged, inflamed and mutated cells. This process of autophagy is crucial to slowing down ageing and improving recovery.

Expanding consciousness

No wonder all religious and spiritual traditions recommend fasting: The neuroprotective and brain-enhancing effects of fasting improve learning, memory and the development of new neurons.

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